120m* is currently in


NYC: The Sunview, 221 Nassau Ave., Brooklyn NY 11222
CATSKILL: PS Hudson, 460 Main St., Catskill NY 12414

A collaboratively produced, feature-length video as exquisite corpse. A study in distances & corresponda(e)nces between two communities. A video collage between Publication Studio Hudson and The Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn, NY.

Composed of 24 5-minute parts, recorded by a single camera, on a single tape – the ‘m’ in the title a stand-in for minutes or miles – the camera itself is mailed or carried between the two sites over two months. Visitors to PS Hudson are invited to borrow the camera for the day and to record a 5-minute video on the theme of 'corresponda(e)nce' after which the camera is mailed to the Sunview. Visitors to the Sunview will record a 5-minute response and mail the piece back to Hudson to be picked up again by another visitor to the exhibition, and so on. A shot log travels with the camera, detailing time of day and location of the last shot to guide the start of the next scene.

If you'd like to contribute, send an email to hello@thesunview.org and put 'Correspondance' in the subject line, or stop by PS Hudson or The Sunview Luncheonette to inquire.

A project instigated by Dylan Gauthier with the support of PS Hudson as part of the exhibition Correspondance (2014) curated by PS Hudson and guest curator Lisa Hayes Williams.